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Commercial Roofing Services

There’s no shortage of potential risks and challenges you face as a commercial property owner. Damage to your roof is one of them, and it can disrupt your business and result in lost assets and hefty repair costs.

When it comes to protecting the roof over your business, Jensen Enterprises can help. In addition to our residential roofing and siding services, we provide commercial roofing to small and big businesses alike. Whether you need roofing repairs, tree damage services, or want to replace your commercial roof altogether, our team is ready to assist. With over 60 years of experience serving Omaha, NE, trust us to help you protect your commercial property.

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Extend the Lifetime of Your Investment

Our team performs routine inspections, commercial roof repairs, and installations. We’re ready to help you install the best roof that will keep your commercial property in stable, working condition. We provide the following commercial roofing services:

Rubber roofing in Omaha, NE

EPDM Roofing (Rubber Roofing) & TPO Roofing (Thermoplastic Olefin Roofing)

Roofing repairs in Omaha, NE

Roofing Repairs

Protect Your Investment

You may have concerns about the effects your roof has on your daily operations. Minimal disruption, cleanliness, and efficiency are three things we strive towards in our services.

We also understand the concerns you may have regarding installation and repair costs. We’re prepared to help you install a cost-efficient roof without sacrificing quality in the process. We want to help you be as energy-efficient as possible. That way, you’re able to keep your monthly energy bills to a minimum.

Home Protection in Omaha, NE
Energy Savings in Omaha, NE

Your Storm Damage Experts

In the event of an emergency involving your roof, your business needs immediate attention. We provide 24-hour emergency commercial roofing services and storm damage repair. We’re prepared to help you overcome extensive property damage so your business can continue to thrive. We perform inspections and work closely with insurance companies to help our customers get the most coverage.

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24-Hour Emergency Service

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